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meanwhile,hat's all for tonight's "willis report," i'm dennis kneale. thanks for joining us. dobbs,. good evening, everybody. thank you for being with us. barack obama as senator and candidate often mocked the foreign policy of president george w. bush. but as president himself, obama cannot escape his mounting foreign policy folies and he and his administration and the american people are now bearing the embarssing consequences.% . former egyptian president hosni mubarak, president obama helped force him from power more than two years ago, today was ordered to be released from prison by an egyptian court. to be released within 48 hours. mubarak's release is another slap in the face for mr. obama. it follows the ouster of the
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muslim brotherhood from power and mr. obama's president of choice, mohamed morsi. the violent and deadly clashes between the military-run government and muslim brotherhood and, in fact, -- have backed protest to the wall and they are responding. continuing with violence and all likelihood this friday wn morsi supporters reportedly will conduct what tey call a day of martyrs. and no relief for president obama in syria either. assad opposition forces claiming more than 1,000 civilians were killed ain chemical gas attacks today on the outskirts of damascus. the alleged attacks come exactly one year and one day afte president obama famously warned assad that chemical weapons, the use of them, would be to cross a so-called red line and prompt u.s. involvement in the now two and a half year long struggle.
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it is a conflict that's seen nearly 100,000 syrians killed. the white house predictably today after repeated questions on red lines from the white house press corps, confirmed they are relying on a united nations investigative team to provide answers before they act on those red line threats. >> what we think is most important right now theree happens to be a united nations chemical weapons investigative team on the ground in syria. they were just granted access to the country yesterday i believe. so given the reports that we've seen overnight about what may or may not have taken place in syria, we think it's important for that investigative team to be given access to that area. >> the president's spokesman today pressed hard by the white house press corp, reporters looking for explanations on claims of syrian chemical weapons use and seeking the president's reaction to the release of former egyptian president hosni mubarak.
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fox news, chief white house correspondent ed henry hathe report. >> reporter: aides to president obama were pressed today on whether he looks weak from egypt where the military has ignored u.s. calls to end the violence to syria, where reports that the red line on chemical weapons has been crossed yet again, sparked an all too familiar refrain. >> totally deplorable and completely unacceptable. >>eporter: the problem is the tough talk on syria began one year ago yesterday. >> we have communicated in no uncertain terms th every player in the region that that's a red line for us and that there would be enormous consequences if we start seeing movement on the chemical weapons front or the use of chemical weapons. >> reporter: asked where those enormous consequences are white house spokeanp jo earnest looked for >> they will be held accountable. it's been a year. >> well i -- it has been and we
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are in a circumstance where the assad regime is still in power but you have a large segment of the international community aligned against them. >> reporter: back in june, the white house said it believed assad's forces had already used chemical weapons several times. and today's revelations put the president's team back on defense. >> the president made clear the line was crossed. we expanded the scale and scope of our aid. that's ongoing. we continue to consider all options, all options remain on the table. >> reporter: republican john mccain complained about there being no stick behind the rhetoric, tweet nothing consequence for assad using chemical weapons and crossing red line. we shouldn't be surprised he's using them again. as for the president's red line on egypt, earnest ducked by saying he did not bring a red pen to today's briefing. going back to the start of the crisis of egypt key players like secretary of state john kerry have struggled to get a handle on it. on august 1st after the egyptian military had started killing
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islamist protesters kerry told news in pakistan the egyptian military was restoring democracy. >> the military did not take over to the best of our judgment so far, so far, to run the country. there's a civilian government in effect, they were restoring democracy. >> reporter: on syria, the u.n. security council was in an emergency session for several hours today, but basically came up with no action. they agreed on the need for clarity to figure out what exactly happened with the alleged chemical weapons attack, but they would not agree to a specific u.n. probe to actually figure it out. lou? >> ed, thank you very much. ed henry, chief white house correspondent, fox news. coptic christians under attack in egypt. more than 40 churches have been burned, others looted. but the religious persecution and the violence against christians is happening all across the middle east. in syria, lebanon and iraq. fox news chief white house
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correspondent james rosen has our report. ♪ >> reporter: dating back almost two millenia coptic christians are the oldest christian community in the middle east. but the copticn egypt today find themselves under attack as never before. the reported destruction of 38 churches across the country with attacks on another 23 on top of that, said by advocacy groups to reflect indifference on the part of the egyptian military and police forces and vengeful furries of muslim brotherhood supporters following the ouster of morsi. >> it's an ethnic cleansing against the christianommunity of eget. there are 12 million. there are more cops living in cairo than palestinians living in gaza. >> reporter: the coptic pope was among the religious figures who appeared alongsid general aciesy at the time of morsi's overthrow. in condemning the post-morsi persecution of christians, the
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obama administration spokesman appeared to balance it with displays of concerns with muslims. >> we have been concerned and condemned the violence perpetrated by the government against peaceful protesters and just as outraged and concerned about reports thathristian churches have been targeted. >> we deplore in the strongest terms the reprehensible attacks of over 40 coptic christian churches and other christian institutions and troubled by the suspicious deaths of muslim brotherhood prisoners and a prison escape attempt near cairo. >> reporter: not just egypt and cops, in northwestern syria last month amateur video purported to show islamist elements among the rebels beheading a franciscan father, a catholic priest for alleging conspiring with the regime. >> wherever we see radical islam we see persecution of christians and because of that we see more persecution today of christians around the world than any other type of religion.
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i think it's one of the largest underreported human rights issues in the world today. >> reporter: in cairo a group of nuns paraded through the streets like prison ers of war, at the monastery further south, sunday prayers were canceled due to the torching of churches for the first time in 1600years. >> james thank you very much. >> my next gst says the secular government backed by the military in egyptp does meet our interests for stability in the region. for more on egypt as well as the latest developments concerning the benghazi scandal and investigation and the plan to, quote, shift the paradigm, we are joined by general thomas machaer ineny, fox news military analyst. general, good to have you with us. let's, if we may, begin with this contradiction as to whether or not there is military aid to egypt or whether, indeed, the
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president has cut it off? your thoughts? >> well, i don't think we really know except i hope and i'm very clear about this, that we do not cut it off, lou. our choices are not perfect in egypt, but let's remember, egypt is a real linchpin of the middle east and we must keep that relationship with military there. we clearly do not want the muslim brotherhood who are a softer-looking group of al eda and so when people hear about the muslim brotherhood, it'sn our interests for the muslims to take control, the moderates in the military, and get rid of the muslim brotherhood. we don't want u.s. boots on the ground. we want to get rid of the muslim brotherhood. they were outlawed for 30 plus years under hosni mubarak an frankly, i hope that general assisi, the current military leader there, gets rid of them. and this is the fight that the
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muslims must be doing. if they don't do it successfully, lou, i am confident that the whole middle east will eventually be radical islamists, no matter what you call them. >> and with your straightforward, clear view on the muslim brotherhood, general al sissy as well, the leader of thsecular military and interim government, why are we listening to so many prominent republican officials, including senator john mccain and others, say cut off aid, which is a reversal of their position leading up to just recent days? >> it is baffling, lou. i really don't know what they're thinking. if -- maybe they don't understand the ideology of the muslim brotherhood. obviously morsi demonstrated it taking away all the freedoms. who's destroyed the 60 coptic churches and schools over there in the last week?
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muslim brotherhood. not the military. the muslim brotherhood is slaughtering coptic christians and that is one of the driving factors, why the egyptian people rose up, it was the egyptian people, and threw out morsi and the military helped them. but you had 18 million people in the streets wanting to get rid of them, lou, and that's not a coup d'etat, that is a fact. the civilian people populace rising up against the government and the military rode in to help. >> and today, the secretary of state, john kerry, effectively moving ahead on the benghazi investigation by saying that four people who had been identified as appropriately put on leave because of their irresponsibility, at their post, now reassigned, no accountability, no loss of pay,
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no reprimand. this is after more than 11 months after the tragedy of benghazi on september 11th of last year, this is appalling this administration has -- is insisting on no accountability whatsoever in any of the scandals that have unfolded and around which, you know, the administration is now battling? >> it's amazing, lou. look, it's like that starlet movie with shardom schultz, see no evil and hear no evil and you see what's going on down at ft. hood with major nadal hassan. he is saying he is a radical islamist, he wanted to kill americans, and the judge is denying certain evidence because she felt it was too old and for -- we're almost four years on that and a year on the benghazi and we still haven't figured it out and the administration is sending a signal that is confusing anybody
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who understands what's going on in the global war on terror. it's confusing me and i know exactly where we ought to be going. >> general, is it possible that the people who are really confused are the leaders of this president's national security team, perhaps this president himself, when they are supporting the muslim brotherhood, which has acted exactly counter to u.s. interests when it comes to the government and the policies of egypt? general, this is a president who is acting as though he is supportive and clearly so of the muslim brothhood and radical islamists and my lord, when you bring up the nadal hassan, this man is not a terrorist in the eyes of this administration, but rather he perpetrated workplace violence.
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this is deeply troubling. >> it's deeply troubling and troubling to our soldiers, airmen, sailors, marines, lou. they don't know what kind of direction they're getting, and that's why i believe that the policy in egypt has been a failure when we let mubarak go. we must understand after almost 12 years of boots on the ground in the middle east, that we're going to need to have an authoritarian government that is interested in what we want to do in the u.s. interests. we do not need a totalitarian radical islamist government, a general government like assisi is trying to set up and lead egypt through is extremely important. let's let democracy come at its appropriate time, but let's get interested in u.s. interests and stability in the region. we need the peace treaty with israel to continue. we need the overflight rights we have unlimited and passage through the suez canal.
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those three key factors are absolutely important to a solid middle east policy. >> and as you point out, it was this president who insisted on hosni mubarak's departure from power and the rest is the result and the consequence of that decision more than two years ago. general mcinerney, thank you for being with us. >> thank you, lou. much more on the president's contradictory policies in the middle east next. stay with us. >> president obama spent his summer vacation golfing. homeland security committee chairman michael mccall showing other congressmen why border security comes first, next. a
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border patrol guided tour of the texas/mexico border highlighting what he describes as woefully inadequate resources and introduced a border security bill that requires operational control of our border with no less than a 90% apprehension rate on the entire border of mexico within five years. the full house could vote on his measure after the summer measure. joining us is congressman michael mccaul, chairman of the house committee on homeland security. mr. chairman, good to have you with us. you took a number of congressmen with you on that tour of the border. what are your thoughts and their reactions? >> well, you know, my thoughts are this ad hoc approach we've used over the last couple decades, throwing money at the problem without a national strategy, without a plan, plugging holes up. we went to san diego. they have good fencing there.
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they have technology. but they're getting around that with the boats. tucson has wonderful technologies, but all it does is presses them to other points. and now the new point of entry now is texas. the rio grande valley, the immigration flow has gone up 55%. without a national strategy and plan to dix state where we put those resources we're going to continue to throw money at the problem without a real solution. >> and your proposal, this administration, to be clear, has rolled back 287g, the co-op prative legislation that authorized regulation, that authorizes cooperation between the immigration authorities, the border patrol, and local law enforcement. this administration wants no part of it. your law, your bill, would encourage thatcoeration. what has been the reaction? >> local law enforcement are
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force multiplier. the ones down the border have a valuable role to play. the border sheriffs endorse my bill, they support it, because it gives -- this bill gives them a voice as stakeholders as to what the national strategy is going to be and what the implementation plan is going to be along with the board of governors and coast guard and border patrol. you and i have talked about this issue quite some time, ever since i got elected to congress. now is the moment when i think we can finally get this thing done. >> as you know i've endorsed, for whatever -- to whom ever may
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responsible to have a strategy and plan first and you know whatin the concept -- legislation thoughtfully in a smart way i think we'll finally get it resolvednd provide solutions to a very difficult complex issue. >> congress comes back the 9th of september.
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congress as was intended by our forbearers. congressman, it's always good to talk with you. >> up next, president oma welcomes the nfl's only undefeated team to the white house. took a while. we'll talk about that. and in the talk, we'll talk about why this president seems to like earning popularity points more than working on his second-term agenda, if it's still in existence. right now, 7 years of music is bng streamed. a quarter million tweeters are tweeting. and 900 million dollars are changing hands online. that's why hp built a new kind of server. one that's 80% smaller. uses 89% lesenergy. and costs 77% less. it's called hp moonshot. and it's giving the internet the room it needs to grow. this&is gonna be big. hp moonshot.
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let's go what's in your wallet?
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the white house is doing its best this week to divert our attention to bright, shiny objects as best they can. not necessarily so effectively. yesterday, they announced that first dog bo has a new little sister to play with, another portuguese water dog named sunny. today for some unknown reason, president obama chose to honor the 1972 miami dolphins at the white house. they're the nfl's only team to win the super bowl after going through an entire season undefeated. and they had never been celebrated by any president.
11:27 pm
that's taken care of now, it's done. why now? it's not the anniversary of their accomplishment, not even the regular football season yet. maybe our celebrity president just wants to meet as many celebrities as he can while he's still living in the nation's most coveted address. who's next on the white house guest list? the '96 chicago bulls? maybe the '98 new york yankees. and then there's white house deputy press secretary josh earnest, how can somebody earnest josh, but anyway, talking about and promoting the president's upcoming college bus tour. >> the bus tour is three days away. >> i understand. >> i welcome your interest in this bus tour because i think it's going to be -- >> i figured you would. >> i think it's going to be hopefully both fun and informative. >> fun and informative. we are talking about president obama, right? the president sure is a fun guy. he enjoyed a nine-day vacation on martha's vineyard where he
11:28 pm
played six rounds of golf. that sounds like fun to me. let's hope a f unattended matters don't spoil his mood as he returns to the oval office. first egypt does appear to be falling apart. he might think about that a bitp and actually do something. syria, besides cut off aid, if he has, but which he denies so we don't know. but we'll learn more i'm sure in time. and syria, where he wanted to get the heck out of there. the syrian mess is worsening. the death toll at more than 100,000. no prospects of any kind of negotiated peace. and no one's been held accountable, of course, in the benghazi scandal, the terrorist attack which four americans died, more than 11 months ago. secretary of state kerry says everything is for state department officials who have been placed on paid administrative leave and
11:29 pm
reassigned and unemployment. is is his order, not ours, because this would be my number one, unemployment. unemployment rates did rise in 28 states last month. we need to get this great vibrant free enterprise capitalist economy going. mr. president, you could provide some strong, pitive leadershipp in that direction if you're of a mind to, if you care enough about those folks who have had to weather this horrible, horrible economic cycle. and fifth, welfare. cato institute informing us all, fun and informative facts as josh earnest said, federal welfare programs, state welfare programs, combined pay more than minimum wage jobs in 35 of our states. imagin that. and sixth, there are the scandals. the irs continues to stonewall
11:30 pm
investigators looking into their targeting of conservative groups. that scandal you remember mr. president and attorney general holder's tenure at the justice department never ceases to outrage and offend those who would like to see this nation represent once again the reality we are a nation of laws. and we wonder if this fun president of ours is in a sufficiently informative mood to at long last tell us what he was doing the night of the benghazi attacks. what he's going to do about the irs, the justice department, et cetera. we can't wait to find out. we're going to find out just how fun and informative mr. obama can be. >> heckled over health care and questioned about his citizenship. why is "the washington post" targeting senator ted cruz. wasn't the post upset about so-called birthers questioning
11:31 pm
president obama. nina easton and brad blakeman join us on the left wing media assault on ted cruz.
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something about republican senator ted cruz is scaring the mainstream national liberal media like "the washington post." according to the post has featured 12 birther stories on the canadian born senator in just two days. among the stories one reading, quote, no ted cruz birthers are not the same as obama birthers. interestingly "the washington post" didn't have a single obama birther story before he announced his candidacy for president. for all of 2008 the post had just eight items that menoned either obama's birth certificate or questns over his citizenship. joining us now "fortune"
11:35 pm
magazine washington columnist, fox news analys nina easton, former deputy asst tonight george bush, brad blakeman. good of you both to be here. let's start with "the washington post." why all of these stories about the birth certificate for a fellow who hasn't even announced a ndidacy, nina? >> well, first of all i want to say it's great to be here on the brad and nina show, lou. >> you're welcome. >> the -- you know, i have to say look, "the washington post," they have a history of biased coverage, particularly biased political coverage. their ombudsman last year wrote about the bias towards democrats and against republicans. i have to say this case, i think it's more of a case of just getting overheated about 2016 and, you know, ted cruz wanting to make clear his immigration status, his citizenship status. everybody's trying to read the tea leaves -- >> so you have no problem with this?
11:36 pm
you see no problem with "the washington post" running 12 stories on a guy not running for president? >> i think they want to know if he's running for president and that's the way to get at it. he's going to be a big force in the party if he does run. >> well, he's going to probably, in my opinion, be a big force in the party whether he does or doesn't. what do you think, brad? >> i think this is getting even. there's nothing more than the post waated than a story handed to them and basically, lou, i have to say that this is a self-inflicted wound by ted cruz. when he decided he was going to enter public life he shouldave gotten this way out of the way back in his primary. got it out. only he knows what he is. and why he retained his canadian citizenship. it's not as easy as we found out to renounce it. there's a process you have to renounce it. he's really feeding the media, a story that should have never been a story at all and "the washington post" is capitalizing on it. >> don't you think it's interesting, the two of you, how different the national media is reacting here. you're talking about it being a
11:37 pm
self-inflicted wound. how many people were talking about it being a self-inflicted wound after this president, after he was president, not to produce his birth certificate. he could have dismissed it out of hand. why were -- >> people said you knew you were running for president, why didn't you produce it before you -- >> because it's a double standard. >> i'm sorry? >> it's a double standard. we know it's a double standard by the liberal media and that's why we should be better than them and not give them the opportunity to do the kind of stories that "the washington post" a has done. >> let me jump in here. there's no evidence on the barack obama case that he was born in africa as some people still believe and assert rather than being born in hawaii. the birther movement was i think lost credibility pretty quickly on. this president -- >> you're missing the pot. you're missing the point. i haven't been clear. let me straight than out. i think that obama was brilliant in what he did, and that it focused so much attention on him, by the way i was one of
11:38 pm
those people who asked the question, my only question in the whole affair was, i asked, why in the world isn't the president just producing his birth certificate and shutting all of this nonsense down. i was attacked by legions of lefties in the national media and everywhere else, they called me a birther because i asked a simple question. i think that -- i think personally, ted cruz is being brilliant. this is bringing him lots of air time and a lot of focus. you disagree, nina? >> well, i think he's -- i think as brad said he has to get this issue out of the way and there are questions as to why he didn't do it previously. but he's got -- >> what if he waits two years into his presidency. >> i'm sorry? what if he just waits two years into his presidency. [ inaudible ]. >> yeah. i think he wants to clear the way for a presidential run. i think that's what we're seeing right now. >> and a presidential run is going to have the issue of foreign policy, brad. what are your judgments abouout
11:39 pm
the republican party now speaking of self-inflicted wounds, being represented by senator lindsey graham and john mccain saying cut off aid and basically don't support a secular government, secular military and government in egypt? >> well, we have a real problem in identifying as a country what is taking place. the american people know there was a coup. we know the military is in char. and we have to pick who we're going to side with. it's a much better situation to back the military. we've had a better and longer relationship with the military than with the political leadership there and how they treated their people. so our -- it's the worst of two devils and at this point, i think the administration has floundered. the president is in charge of foreign policy, abdicated that, and as republicans we better take the side of the group that is most likely to succeed in our interests, than try toupport a group that has no chance of succe success. >> nina, a quick last word.
11:40 pm
>> i disagree. i think what we're seeing is a tit for tat. the army is not pursuing a rule of law letlone an inclusive political democracy. we have no leverage in the situation. secretary of defense chuck hagel called the military leader of egypt 17 times and was -- was unable to stop the crackdown on muslim brotherhood protesters. i think we really have virtually no leverage there. the gulf states are supporting the military at a rate that is -- dwarfs any military aid we have. i think brad is right, we don't have a lot of good cices because we don't have the leverage and this white house has not wanted to be out front and being a leader on this, as in syria, by the way, i think. >> and libya. and libya as well. nina, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> brad blakeman, thank you. emember when president obama was the darling of the national liberal media? well no re.
11:41 pm
speculation rising about a hillary clinton candidacy in 2016. ed klein author of the best seller "the amateur" with the inside scoop, next. the
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11:44 pm
the republican national committee today made it clear hillary clinton is in their cross hairs. the rnc released a video asking whether kcnn and nbc will inclue coverage of a clinton scandal in film productions about the former first aidy. alluded to hillary clinton's lobbying president clinton for presidential pardon, the fourth the a series of videos attacking clinton. perhaps. joining me now, author of the best-selling book "the amateur" ed klein. great to see you. what do you make of this? first of all this new hit job presumably about "the new york times" on the clinton foundation? >> it struck me as a shot across
11:45 pm
the bow because what they alluded to was perhaps some illegality, certainly some ethical questionable behavior on the part of the people running the foundation. a cross currents of donors who are also part of the foundation and yet also involved in businesses that bill is involved -- bill clinton is involved in. the whole thing is -- reminds me of the clinton presidency. big ideas, we're going to save the world, chaos, messy, ethically questionable. >> and lots of relationships of long-time clinton associates, staffers, friends, contributors, importantly, deficits in the foundation, but all the while, i -- as i read the article i'm thinking to myself, why is "the new york times" doing this? a shot of across the bow
11:46 pm
certainly, but also athe same time, perhaps to inoculate the clintons as she gets ready for 2016. what do you think? >> one of the things i find really puzzling is why hillary would make her campaign headquarters at the clinton foundation here in manhattan. instead of separating herself from this very questionable operation that bill clinton has been running all this time, it seems to me she's handing her adversaries and enemies to beat her with. >> and as we look at the latest report here, maybe she doesn't have to worry about it. according to the latest rasmussen poll 39% surveyed said if the democratic primary were held today they would want clinton. only 12% mr. biden. >> right. >> the vice president has to be a little disappointed in that. that's a pretty profound showing for something three years
11:47 pm
distant. >> hillary had breakfast with joe biden the other day and the subject came up, 26, and although she didn't say, joe, i hope you're not going to run, she certainly made it clear to him, according to my reporting, of people who are familiar with what went on during that breakfast, that he avoided telling her that he would not run. in other words, he left the definite impression he was thinking seriously of running. >> it must have stunned him a bit then, she also had lunch with the president. >> right. >> it looks pretty clear where his allegiance lies. the republicans are getting ready for 2014. and they haven't declared victory 2014, they haven't got a great big motto. they have up in their meeting in boston talking about making it happen. they don't define it. >> they don't ll us how. >> right. >> they've got a lot to explain and a lot to energize their base
11:48 pm
which is precisely what it's been for the past two presidential elections, that is, 37% identifying themselves as republicans, they got a lot to energize. >>hey do. and clinton -- the clintons meantime are actually piling up hundreds of millions of dollars in potential donors. they've got an organization in place. she's going to be a very formidable candidate. >> you may have just answered your question, which is why in the world hang out at the clinton foundation. ed, thanks so much for being here. >> great to be here. >> we appreciate it. up next, billionaire investor carl icon he has a twitr account now. look out, all things digital. senior editor joins us to talk about icon and apple. and more. right now, 7 years of music is being streamed. a quarter million tweeters are tweeting. and 900 llion dollars are changing hands online. that's why hp built a new kind of server.
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facebook founder mark zuckerberg finding himself the target of a hacker. a palestinian man posted on zuckerberg's timeline last week after he said repeated attempts to report a security flaw were ignored allowing anyone to post on another person's timeline even if they weren't friends. joining us now, eric hessle, senior editor for all tngs d and digital. this is zuckerberg hacked by anp irate user because he wanted to report a flaw. >> exactly. this is part of facebook's bounty program where they pay people up to $500 for reporting critical security bug most software companies have it. google, microsoft has one as well. this fellow happens to be palestinian. didn't get an immediate response. i think part of what i'm hearing is that facebook said that his report was incomplete. his english fills weren't up to
11:53 pm
par, didn't follow right away. when he didn't get an immediate response. he tried to demonstrate the flaw posting to zuckerberg's wall. >> the stock is still up to ipo levels now. >> yeah. the stock didn't move in reaction to this at all. i was thinking that this is the sort of thing maybe in another era the younger mark zuckerberg might have appreciated and respected. >> younger. like when he was in his teens? >> exactly. or still at harvard yeah. exactly. >> you know, one of the things that's fascinating to me, is carl icahn has disclosed over twitter his stake in apple via twitter last tuesday. he's watched in appreciation of 8% in the stock. you know, that's -- i know the s.e.c. said that's really nice, you can go ahead, everybody, and put your public notices up on social media. >> exactly. >> but there was this little reference to you have to give people an indication you're going to do that.
11:54 pm
>> and he did that in a filing a week before last, i want to say. i'm not sure on the timing. but he did report that if a filing, he wanted to share his ideas with inveetors via twitter. it's now his favorite toy actually. he's been using twitter to harass michael dell in the takeover battle in dell. >> he's losing that court battle here. >> so far it seems tha's the case. last week the courts turned away his aempt to expedite some hearings that would kind of throw the voting off on the leverage buyout that michael and silver lakhave proposed to take dell private. so whatever court case, if he ever prevails it will have to be after the fact. >> and icahn has a way of prevailing either before the fact, after the fact, or during the fact. >> he makes money or gets what he wants, one way or the her. he would like to take over dell and manage it differently but in this case i think the odds are growing longer against that right now. >> when you look at the earnings and the margins and the
11:55 pm
prospects that dell has, and no one can argue with michael dell, he's been a terrific entrepreneur, but it's a tough slog right now for that company. >> it's not going to be an easy slog at all. part of the reason that margins are down in the most recent quarter they reported last week because they're acting like they're a private company already and accepting the smaller margins to double down on investment. >> and as you look at what is coming now from apple where that 8% resides of icahn's, one has the feeling that's going to get a little bigger, especially if some of the early buzz about the new iphone is correct. what are your thoughts? >> we heard today, my colleague john reported that the golden iphone is apparently true. there will be a new iphone sporting a gold hue, probably other technical features. >> is got to have a little more than like a new color, doesn't it? >> aew color. we've had static black and white
11:56 pm
for a long time. gold is easy to make. white was hard to make. took them a long time to get that one right. >> when you're thinking of all this technology that is embodied in that little iphone and for people, for you to suggest that it was a little bit of a problem to get thewhite -- >> to get to white was complicated. it didn't have the quality. it was difficult to manufacture. didn't have the steve jobs quality. >> any sense of what we're going to see wn that new phone comes? i've got to be honest, i've got a sam sung, i've got an apple and iphone and a galaxy 4 s. as i watch the technology play out. >> one thing we'll see is a new operating system. they've previewed that. ios is what they're calling it. new features in that. what we don't know yet is will there be some new security features. we've heard rumors about things like fingerprint scanners or voice security or other things like that. those we don't know yet. but we do know that ios 7 is coming. we also know the date. it will be september 10th. >> september 10th, you heard it
11:57 pm
right here. thank you very much. >> you bet. >> all things digital's eric hessledove. >> that's it for us. we'll see you tomorrow. make a point my mother made the best toffee in t world. it's delicious. so now we've turned her toffee into a business. my goal was to take an idea and make it happen. i'm janet long and i formed my toffee company through legalzoom. never rely thought i would make money doing what i love. [ robert ] we created legalzoom toelp people
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